Tuesday, August 29, 2006

OK, everybody, the Trogluddite has even posted a photo from Flickr. Will wonders never cease? It was hard to do, though---I had to have a lot of help from my younger and knowledgeable coworkers. It was also hard to get into Flickr. Yahoo kept telling I had an unverified email address 6 times after I verified a new one. Then I had to hit "retry" 5 times to get this photo onto my blog. Then it posted the photo twice! Fortunately, my younger and knowlegeable cowrkers knew where to go so that I could edit things. My coworkers told me that Blogger has a lot of "issues" and they prefer other sites. Well, this is all a brave new world for a Trogluddite and a blog site, even with issues, is still a wonder and a marvel.


KFC in China

Originally uploaded by Complex Carol.
I picked this photo for my first entry because my wife and I adopted a girl from China. We went to get our daughter in Changsha, the capital of the Hunan province. We were surprised to find KFC and Pizza Hut there. But I guess we shouldn't have been. I thought this photo was funny--imagine a university class project in China about Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey Everyone--

Who'd have thought that an old Luddite, even a Trog-Luddite could learn to use modern, cutting-edge technology? It's fun, though. Can't wait to see how this turns out. The hardest part of this process has been to Begin With the End In Mind. The easiest has been to Create Your Own Learning Toolbox. I'll keep you all informed on my progress.

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