Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey Everyone--

Who'd have thought that an old Luddite, even a Trog-Luddite could learn to use modern, cutting-edge technology? It's fun, though. Can't wait to see how this turns out. The hardest part of this process has been to Begin With the End In Mind. The easiest has been to Create Your Own Learning Toolbox. I'll keep you all informed on my progress.

Nice blog. A little confusing to have two with the same name. . . .
It would be nice if you could have a unique name for your blog, rather than one that is already chosen.
I'd like to have a unique name--I haven't figured out how to do it yet. I'm a Trog-Luddite, remember?
All right, everyone, I've figured it out. Anyone who loves beach music should know where this comes from> If you do, tell the name of the song and the artist.
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ha ha ha. You are too funny. But this is very cool - your blog made it on the first page of a Google search for "trogluddite." I'm impressed! Do you mean Johnny Dollar the band? I had not heard of them but checked out their homepage. Sounds like my kind of music. I have to admit, you have my curiousity up. I will have to visit here often and see what else you are up to.
PS. Sorry, I had to delete my initial comment for spelling errors. That's what I get for not "previewing" first!
No, Johnny Dollar the band is not what I had in mind, although they sounds interesting. I'll have to check out their website and see what sort of music they play. The words, "Johnny! Johnny Dollar!" are the first thing you hear on a classic beach music song. Does anyone know which song? The answer will come later!
Beach music!

Is this Carl from IMG?
Yes it is. How'd you guess? Must have been when I mentioned our adopted daughter. Are you Mary Lou Brown from MPK? You have a very interesting blog also. The name of my blog comes from the old classic beach music song "A Quiet Place" by Garnet Mims and the Enchanters. If you've everlistened much to "Sunday Night at the Beach" on FM 106.1 (Sunday evenings from 5-8), you've probably heard it. The North Carolina Room has that song on an album, an actual vinyl album, called "Beach Beat Classics". The Johnny Dollar Band site sounds intriguing--I'll have to lookit up.
Yes, that's me. I don't listen to the radio at night but I will keep 106.1 in mind. If you've seen my blog you know who I listen to. Went to an awesome concert last October in Atlanta. I should branch out some though.
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