Friday, October 13, 2006

Wikis are a fascinating topic. The Trogluddite has spent all morning looking up wikis, readng them, and following links from them. I agree with the many articles and blogs I've read about wikis which say wikis could be useful for tools for libraries to interact with their users (like the Bull Run and the SJCPL wikis) and for librarians to create pages to interact with each other (like the best uses wiki and ALA's 2006 New Orleans wiki). This goes along with the articles in exercise #15 about 2.0 and the future of libraries. Almost all of them agreed that libraries would become places of back-and-forth communication between librarians and users. Wikis could be a good resource for that. I noticed that PLCMC has been doing something similar with its adult and children's book review pages. The Bull Run wiki had a book review page and it was remarkably similar to our own Reader's Club. We've been ahead of the curve once again!

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