Friday, October 27, 2006

Time is flying! We are so busy that I must make this post cover items # 21 and 22. I have been able to give them only the briefest overviews but, fortunately, they are easily understood, even for those with prehistoric brains. I looked for and found several podcasts on storytelling. I listened to (a part of) Mr. Howerton reading Kipling's "How the Leopard Got Its Spots". This seems like a good place to find podcasts for kids. Then I created a free Netlibrary account and looked for audiobooks on the Civil War. I should have put in "American Civil War" because I got audiobooks about eastern Europe and other places around the world as well as the USA. I will go back and devote more time to these items; right now we are so busy that I barely have time to write this. ON top of that, that sound on my computer went off. The Wise Ones are debating what happened; one says that the driver has failed and the other thinks that my sound card has died. Right when I'm covering podcasts and audiobooks! Well, I hope to cover item #23 soon and get that MP3 player so that I could hear one of those books!

Congratulations Trog. You are nearly there! Excellent work on your blog!
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