Monday, October 30, 2006

This is it! Finally here! As you can see from the picture posted below, the Trogluddite has completed all 23 steps and evolved into fully human form. Well, not quite--this learning process has expanded my brain from the size of a walnut to that of a large persimmon. The reason my brain my has not reached its full size is that I need more time to explore and absorb all the fascinating things I've learned. This has been a lot of information to digest. I've had to rush through things the last few weeks because we've been so busy. Fortunately, the last few items, Zoho Writer, You Tube, and podcasts have been easy to learn. I will need to go back and spend more time with wikis, Library Thing, blogs,, and RSS feeds to fully master them and appreciate their usefulness. I'm glad I've gone through Learning 2.0 because it will make me a more useful library worker. There's no doubt that Web 2.0 will affect how libraries interact with patrons. This journey has helped prepare me for that future. But I have to wonder if the time will really come when library/patron interactions are entirely online. The Trogluddite remembers the Stone Age days of the late 70's and early 80's when there was a serious discussion of whether or not people would continue to go to movies with the advent of videos and cable tv. We've seen of course, that people still go but yet watch their videos and cable. I think that's what will happen; librarians will disseminate information online and in person. We'll need to know Web 2.0 skills and good interpersonal skills for our face-to-face interactions. I am also glad to know that our Learning 2.0 site will be here permanently. I spoke with the Great Wise One on All-Staff day and she assured that it would always be here. That's good, because I was afraid that it would disappear soon after Oct. 31 and those of us just emerging from the caves wouldn't have time to learn all this completely.
Let me leave everyone with a few questions: What about the Digital Divide? We all have patrons who can barely afford school supplies, much less computers. Where will the Web 2.0 movement leave them? Is there a way that those who have been so busy that they couldn't complete this by Oct. 31 still get there MP3 players? Is there ANYONE who could tell me how to put LIBRARY THING back into my sidebar? One of the few complaints I have is the difficulty in getting questions answered. Sometimes I've received quick responses and other times no response.
I hate to call this my final entry. I think we should keep posting to our blogs. How about you?

Congratulations Carl on finally completing 23 things. I have throughly enjoyed your blog and indeed hope that you do continue. You have a fune sense of humor and great insight. As for the digital divide, web 2.0 and the future- I beleive that's where library's have strong hold... in no helping to educate library users about computer basics,etc but to also help intorduce them to tools that they can use to benefit their own learning experiences.

Thanks again for taking up this challenge. Your MP3 players is on its way :)
Thank you for your kind comment and the fine job you did in creating this learning site.
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