Thursday, October 12, 2006

Once again, the Trogluddite's head is spinning from trying to absorb all this new info on Technorati. I must say, though, that it is a very impressive site. There are a lot of fascinating blogs out there (I even found one by Will Wheaton, the former Wesley Crusher of Star Trek Next Generation fame) and that was just from a brief search of the Most Popular sites. I would really like to look up blogs on boys' reading and CS Lewis, two of my favorite subjects, but time won't permit me right now. We have been extremely busy with many young ones coming to the cave. That makes time to work on Learning 2.0 rare. Since today is Oct. 12 already, I also feel that time is flying away faster than a pteradactyl with its tail on fire and I have yet to deal with such potentially complicated subjects as wikis, podcasts, YouTube, and other unknowns. There's much to learn and little time for it. So I am trying to get a good overview of these 23 Things and then go back and explore them in depth later. That's why I haven't signed up with Technorati yet nor have I tried to "claim" my blog. (By the way, both PLCMC and Technorati state that claiming a blog is easy--simply insert some HTML code into your blog. BUT does anyone tell you WHERE in your blog that code is supposed to go??? I haven't found out. The same thing happened with Library Thing. I could never understand where to insert the widget code--even though I appreciate HB's doing it for me) Well, the Trogluddite is starting to ramble. That's a sure sign that I need a break. Just to let everyone know, however, that I did look up "Learning 2.0" under tags, blog posts, and blog directories and found some steiking differences. When I went under tags, the results seemed to be topic-related. It was very general, referring the searchers to sites or blogs that talked about Learning 2.0. Going under blog posts and directories, the results were much more specific, referring me to individual blogs that had written about Learning 2.0 (and I was very glad to see many of our library people's blogs in there) SO, to sum up this long post, I am glad I explored Technorati and plan to go back. Right now, the Trogluddite feels just as he does after eating a whole brontosaurus--very full and needing to digest it all. My prehistoric brain needs to absorb all this new info before moving on to the next exercise, which I hope I can do today.
By the way, Rollyo is still migrating from the sidebar and into the text. Does anyone know why?

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