Thursday, September 21, 2006


Trogluddite Leading Cave Dance

Trogluddite Leading Cave Dance
Originally uploaded by schw4452.
The Trogluddite has taken another step forward in the evolutionary process and learned how to upload pictures from his computer and post them into a blog. You are rewarded with a rare photo of the Trogluddite in his native environment. Here he is, in his cave, leading a group of small ones in a cave dance. Some might say that this picture is actually from last November's Teddy Bear program at Imaginon, but all learned socieites and experts on prehistoric phenomena agree that the dancing figure shows unmistakable signs of being a Trogluddite.

Goodness, once you catch on there's no stopping you Trog!
Next stop... posting videos on YouTube? :) JK Love the pic. Congrats Trog!!
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