Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Trogluddite has spent the morning in the Wikiencyclopedia, looking up computer terms and definitions. I started out by learning the meanings of unfamiliar terms such as mashups and API and went on to refresh my memory and understanding of very basic terms as RAM, bit, integrated circuits, etc. Wikiencyclopedia was very helpful and let me understand a lot of things that I knew only vaguely. It was very interesting--there was even a particularly fascinating article about the development of the transistor. The Trogluddite reflected, as he worked, on the amazing changes and advances in computer technology because, being prehistoric, he can remember the days when volcanoes erupted, dinosaurs roamed about, and the only computer languages were COBOL, FORTRAN, and BASIC. PC's were only a dream and Windows were holes in our caves that we looked through. The Trogluddite is constantly in awe of the amount of change he has seen over the years, especially in the speed and complexity of modern computers and the incredible things now possible with them. That's my blog about technology. Has anyone out there ever felt the same?

Carl- this post really made me smile... and I too can remember bygone days of Fortran, Basic, punchtape and the "modern" 5 1/4" disks :)
Oh my. I remember spending 2 hours in the lab key punching a stack of cards to feed into the computer only to have it spit half of them back out at me. I don't think I ever managed a flawless flow chart. But hey, look at me now!
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