Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Big Boy Sign

big boy sign
Originally uploaded by schw4452.
This is seriously addicting! The Trogluddite has spent several hours going through the Generator Blog site, looking at and playing with several different generators. I enjoyed many of them but this was the only one that I liked well enough to post. There were a couple of others that were great as well, but my prehistoric brain did not comprehend how to save and post one of them (the Jackson Pollock painting generator). The other one that I really wanted to try was the Picasso painting generator. It took me to a site called "Mr. Picasso Head". It looked like a lot of fun, but ever time I tried to work in it, nothing happened. There were no instuctions either, so the poor Trogluddite had to leave empty-handed. Has anyone tried that site successfully? Please let me know if you have.

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