Monday, September 18, 2006

As I said yesterday, the Trogluddite often acts in haste. Today I have spent a little more time looking at feedlines calmly and understand more. I actually added 2 feeds to my Bloglines page--Boy Meets Book and the feed. I looked over some of the other feedlines (Technorati and Syndic8) but didn't find much that was useful. I found all that I wanted on the Bloglines directory. I'll probably go back and investigate some of these again, but for now I'll move on to Item #10. The Trogluddite moves at the pace of a brontasaurus (except when he acts hastily) and has fallen far behind the more-highly-evolved species.

Like you I didn't see many feeds that I would use on a regular basis. I am too used to using my "favorites" links from my home computer. What I have found very useful & fun with Bloglines is adding the PLCMC 2.0 blogs that I like to stay current with. Now I don't have to go to those blogs unless something new has been posted!
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